Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Con-GRAD-ulations (part deux)!

So it's about that time to give a shout out to all my early 20s homeboys finally getting their $100,000 diplomas; and yes, I know it's the butt end of the gradeeation season, except in Oregon and at Northwestern, know my allegiances.

CONGRATS! Live it up, kiddles! Congrats to JJ, Nate B, all my other MilHi bros on the five-year plan, and members of the Daily's dead editor's club.

But the biggest and heartiest congrats to my dear bro Bryan, who, despite two terms in Iraq, just passed out of OSU. Next? Nursing school, if my memory serves me. What a guy!

And it wouldn't be a Frey-Tolman-Schauer celebration without idiotic shenanigans, so, from the front lines: my mother reports that Bryan's graduation party was attended not only by brothers, sisters, and the ne'er-do-wells we call friends, but also by a ferret who was unable to fly to Baltimore (long story), my sister Amber's obese cat, and four dogs (one of whom had just been sterilized), all sniffing each other and running between legs and whatnot. Hah!

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