Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Maybe Anand Jon is blind?

Alert the paparazzi (S, are you listening?)! PARIS HILTON -- that's right, THE PARIS HILTON -- is coming to Delhi. Where she will likely flash her vagina with impunity (if you read Perez Hilton or Pink is the New Blog or A Socialite's Life, you know what I mean).

She will be in the very country in which I wore an Oxford shirt with only the top button undone and was approached in a market by a total stranger who proceeded to point at my fashion faux pas and, when I did nothing to ameliorate the transgression, buttoned it for me as I tried desperately to shrink into an aisle cluttered with grains and pulses.

Reuters reports: "Hotel heiress is to model for an upmarket American fashion line in India next year despite her music video being banned in the country for being too explicit, a newspaper report said on Monday."
Now, there are several things I found hideous about this story -- first and foremost, the fact that Reuters thinks this is worthy of 300-odd words. But perhaps the most obnoxious is the way in which Paris makes Americans look like ignorant, utter morons when it comes to conceptualizing other countries. Anand Jon, an American designer of Indian descent who ostensibly is providing the reason for Paris' interest in the country, is quoted as saying, "For her, India is the land of exotica and beauty. In response, her response was, 'I finally get to visit the exotic.'"

Yes, the subcontinent is full of nothing but curios and parrots and Oriental rugs. How utterly charming!

Also...she "finally" gets to visit the exotic? She couldn't divert some of that $25 million of hers, or take some time out from making sex tapes, to do it before? Kya nonsense.


Anonymous said...

"Where she will likely flash her vagina with impunity"

Thats paris Hilton's version of vagina monologue, I suppose! :P

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Can I just say that you are right, right and right..(and BTW, I love India and used to live next door but now am living in Morocco.. Hmmm..)

Anonymous said...

First of all Anand Jon is an idiot, which you could tell because the only who would support Anand Jon is another idiot which is ofcourse no other than Paris Hilton. I just don't understand why people are so amused about these two morons.

Anonymous said...

the rumor in the fashion street is Anand Jon, his sister Sanjana and mom are extremely rude to models, abusive and downright cheap cheap cheap. Apparently, Anand goes around the town telling people his mom a big producer in Bollywood which is a biggg lie! They are such a big bunch of users and many modelling agencies wont touch them.. they end up tricking gullible models from remote towns into getting modelling work done for almost nothing.. I hear many models are likely to come forward to testify against him.. gosh so much is going on and no one knows the truth