Friday, October 6, 2006


Pre-script: this post is brought to you by a tequila sunshine, consumed in preparation for a ritual waxing before jetting off to southeast Asia.

I'm so excited! To go to Thailand! To adventure to Cambodia! To see Angkor Wat! To eat at Happy Herbs! To find a perfect postcard for Buaji and S's fam! To torture friends on Facebook about how it only costs $300 for me to go to Thailand! To get away from work for the first time in almost a year! To have everything I need in a half-empty backpack!

If you want anything, and you can tell me my middle name and approximate the size of my breasts, leave a message. If not, I may reply to your e-mail, but don't expect me to ship a Thai prostitute to your door.

Also, sorry for the excitement. I've only ever been in India, America, and Germany, which means I am a pathetic world traveler and have the enthusiasm of an eight-year-old on Christmas morning. Bear with me. I'll try and post while on the go, because God knows I can't live without my bloggery, but if I get caught up in, ya know, life, I'm hoping you'll understand.

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Venitha said...

Here's hoping you get caught up in, ya know, life. =) Have lots of massages, eat lots of pineapples, and take lots of photos.