Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fugging Indian fashion

In the grand tradition of incredibly important blogs such as Go Fug Yourself and Manolo's Shoe Blog, I present a new (intermittent) series, provisionally entitled "Fugging Indian Fashion."

I am not sartorially gifted. I nearly always look rumpled and occasionally, I have wardrobe malfunctions: once when I was in a high school concert as the first-chair flute, I wore a tight white shirt with only a lacy white push-up underneath, and a button failed in front of a horrified audience of about 100 well wishers. Perhaps I am not qualified to critique the fashions of others. However, India presents a unique challenge: so many beautiful people, such horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE style. Never before have I met someone who thought it appropriate to wear a bright blue T-shirt bearing the word "FUCK" -- in 200-point Helvetica, no less! -- on casual Friday at a Very Important Multinational Company.

My first victim is Sarah Jane, a VJ on what I presume is an MTV imitator (though she might, indeed, work for the desi MTV).

Inappropriately placed vinyl belt? Check.
Jaunty, albeit ill-fitting, capris over textured tights, conspiring to make a lovely, perfectly sized girl look like an obese leprechaun? Check.
White shoes after Labor Day? Check.
Superfluous laces? Check.

Seriously, check out her expression. Even she doesn't buy what she's wearing.


Molly said...

I know exactly what you mean! My boyfriend is from India and I've been trying to get him to change some of his style. I finally convinced him to quit wearing a bright yellow t-shirt with a gun on it.
Anyhow, glad to have found your blog!
Molly from Kansas

ggop said...

You will probably like the Bollywood Fugly blog as well.