Sunday, May 13, 2007

Got vagina?

Then P.RM Travels has a job for you.

In the classified section of The Hindu, I happened upon a rather hilarious ad, which I will recreate below:

1. Mechanical Engineers -
5 yrs exp in rotating, static, PPM skills, planning and scheduling with SAP R3 knowledge. Cost estimation etc ...
2. MEP-Coordinators -
able to do electrical / mechanical maintenance work in building, petro- chemical industry
3. Process Technicians -
Petro- chemical exp must
4. Female
(exp not essential)
5. QA/QC-Inspectors -
precision industry experience must
To apply, to know salary & nature of job log on to our website.

Does this strike anyone else as extremely shady? They're not asking for an executive assistant or an administrator, and experience is explicitly unnecessary. So what, dear friends, could the job profile for this female be?

(And, OK, if you go to the Web site, they do request a "female operator." However, I fail to see why they couldn't put this in the ad, if they're going to list details about the other jobs -- apparently targeting men -- that are a bit more salient than specifying desired genitals.)

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ggop said...

My guess is they are trying to comply with equal opportunity guidelines or something. Yeah, it is funny!