Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What marriage means to me ...

... according to people interviewed in the city section of Hindustan Times:

"A lifelong free pampering session and someone to pay for that laser treatment." -- Pooja
"Unlimited sex and that too with social sanction." -- Vishal
"No more waking up at five in the morning to fill the water tank." -- Nitin
"Funding my MBA course." -- Arati
"My partner can take my pets for a walk and I can workout in the gym." -- Rahul

Ah, romance. So sweet and meaningful. How I abhor those crass people who marry for companionship, intellectual stimulation, and emotional support!


Abhinav said...

I think this is a sort of....sensational journalism.I remember Channel V had this show a few years ago where a VJ would go to popular hangouts(like malls) and then ask them questions like:

Who was Mahatam Gandhi?
Who is Narendra Modi?

The people interviewed were generally college students and they would say that they didn't know who Gandhi or Modi were or something else like they were actors or musicians.

I think HT as employed the same tactic.If HT would have written stuff like "undying eternal love,etc." then there would be no point in printing the article.

Mani said...
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