Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's a hell of a town

That's right, I'm coming at you live from Sunnyside, Queens -- NYC at its finest. Not even a last-minute bout of gastroenteritis could keep me from my motherland, and now that I'm here? Pleased as a little pea.

But don't fret -- this blog won't die, it will simply be repositioned. Not only will I be trying to discover the city, I'll be exploring from a somewhat skewed perspective: I'm an insider in that I'm American and I've spent a bit of time in New York in the past (local vs. express trains? I'm all over it), but I'm an outsider in that living in India (not to mention marrying an Indian citizen) has shifted my perception of my identity.
For example, coming home from work yesterday on the 7, I was reminded of Delhi's notoriously crowded buses; unperturbed by squishing myself between a Hispanic woman and a coochie-cooing couple, my ears instantly pricked: I heard Hindi.
I turned to my left, and there were two men, holding hands (a custom which I imagine baffled some of my fellow travelers), discussing which station to get off at. I cocked my head toward them, considered interrupting, then remembered the power that passing under the radar can grant you sometimes -- so I smiled, turned away, and jumped off at my stop.
On the way home, I passed a Japanese/Nepalese restaurant.
I think I'll like it here just fine.
Picture is from Union Square, February 2006. Apologies for the crappiness.

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Rochelle said...

Hi Zoey,

I'm glad to hear you're much better and have reached your destination. Gastroenteritis sucks. Even though you're no longer in India, I'll keep reading your weblog. I've never been to New York and look forward to reading your perspectives.

PS: Are you enjoying 24 hours of power and water? (-;