Sunday, February 19, 2006

Comparative news

I always find it so surprising how localized newspapers really are.

Even within the New York Times, I was hard pressed to find a story on India. Similarly in Delhi, if there is news from the U.S., it is either of celebrities or of Bushie's diplomatic overtures.

Not that one should expect news of India in the U.S.; newspapers must strategically decide coverage, etc. International news doesn't sell.

But I very remote. I can, of course, go online and read Indian newspapers, which is more than, say, the purveyors of the East India Company could do. I just find it so hard to believe that my life is so neatly segmented, with little of India bleeding into my U.S. life, and little of the U.S. bleeding into my Indian life.

The most common question (after "Why are you in India?") I get is, "What is your native place?" And more often than not, people express shock at my being American. I never know how to take that.

But I do know that somehow, I need to interweave these two strands so that I'm not forced to perpetually gather together the threads of a life coming undone.

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