Monday, February 27, 2006

I am one ugly motha

So, on Carol's advice, I went to MyHeritage, which does this face recognition mumbo jumbo and tells you what celebrities you look like.

And I have to say, though Carol's results were good, I'm unimpressed.

First I ran this picture of me in the garish pink sari.

And the software suggested that I looked like Zsa Zsa Gabor (64%), Vladimir Lenin (67%), Leonardo DiCaprio (57%), or Halle Berry (51%). Ummm....Vladimir Lenin? Really?

So I thought, OK, the face isn't too clear, and my head is a little tilted. I'll try another photograph. And I loaded in the next picture, of me sun-kissed and fabulous in Kerala (wearing yellow...yeah).

And the software suggested I looked 67% like Rajiv Gandhi. I really, really don't like that I look more like historic politicians of the Third World than, you know, a Hollywood starlet. But such is life, I suppose...

Other (female) results for the second picture include Liza Minnelli (62%), Emma Watson (54%), Natalie Imbruglia (52%), Ava Gardner (53%), Neve Campbell (51%), or Monica Lewinsky (51%). Oddly enough, with the exception of Liza Minnelli, I look more like Chad Michael Murray (59%) than any woman listed. Damn. Good thing it's still in beta.


Anonymous said...

you just didn't use the right pic... i used the mugshot i took of you for your MCKC id and the results?....

71% Pamela Anderson
70% Martina McBride
68%Marcia Cross
66% Charlize Theron
66%Melanie Chisholm
63% Alicia Silverstone....

and that was not even one of your best pics...




Anonymous said...

hey, me again.... ok... so i think i'll try one photo of mine for the lark of it.... and....the results are....

60% Sammy Davis Jr. (who?)
58% LL Cool J (jesus!)
56% Akhmad Kadyrov (Chechen rebel leader.... :)..)
57% Bulent Ecevit (Turkish politican...)
55% Luciano Pavarotti (Bear
ded, fat and balding... great..)
52% Cary Grant (what?!!you can't be serious!)
51% Mohandas Gandhi ("a half naked fakir" according to Winston Churchill)...

so yeah, a mixed bag... but you can make a few links between these...dark, big nose, balding and fat.... perfect.... the only errant match is Cary Grant.... i'm hoping that one is the only correct one.... :) also, i cant get over the fact that they actually came up with Gandhi...yeah right.... :)



Saltwater Blues said...

there's a bit of Liv Tyler in there too :)