Monday, February 5, 2007

And the gold in iron-bar bending goes to...

This weekend I accompanied the hubby to the Kila Raipur festival, popularly known as the "Rural Olympics," held outside Ludhiana (in Punjab). I've long been grotesquely fascinated by feats of strength, so this even was right up my alley: men pulling cars with their teeth, bullocks racing across fields, demented tractor-keeps pulling donuts on a hockey pitch, hooting and hollering in drunken abandon at the novelty of it all.

The rest of my photos are here; hubz' will appear in Simply Punjabi one of these days.

Lest it sound like a pleasurable little weekend escape, I suppose I should mention that I drank some freshly made kinoo juice that triggered an hourslong vomiting fit. To the eternal credit of Punjabis everywhere, I made our taxi driver pull over to the side of the road so I could chuck, and an old woman came up and began to berate S. "Do something! You've got to do something. Bring the girl to my house, we'll give her some water."

It probably would have exacerbated the cholera or whatever, but it certainly was a sweet thought.

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