Monday, February 19, 2007

Bombay darshan!

Welcome to Mumbai! Care for a stroll along the dock?

Good to get away from Dilli for a long weekend; we stayed in Juhu, took the local trains tons, meandered along Colaba Causeway, explored Kala Ghoda, ate Iranian food, had a pitcher of beer for lunch, went to Elephanta Caves, marvelled at the St. Thomas Cathedral, visited the Tea Centre, had cocktails at the Saltwater Grill, marched down Marine Drive, took lots of pictures, ate copious amounts of chaat at Chowpatty, took in some cricket on Juhu Beach, drank coffee at the Prithvi Theatre, and ran into a miraculous number of people we (O.K., S) knew.

I could make some bland assertions comparing the two cities, but it would be a bit trite as I spent nary 72 hours in Mumbai. Your thoughts?


Sarah said...

Wow, that guy's wearing a Slipknot shirt. Awesome.

Morpheus said...

I would say never compare the two. Having lived in both towns all I could think would be to move the poeple of Bombay to delhi (coz the people are nice) also because Delhi has better, nicer 'Space' than Mumbai.

Anonymous said...

Can't compare the two, although Bombay has a special place in my heart since my grandparents/dad called it home for more than 40 years. Delhi is more expansive, but Bombay feels more homey, if that makes sense, despite the throngs of people.

Also, I realize I'm totally posting comments like 3 weeks after the fact. Blame the Internets, please. --Malavika