Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Signs of the times

I absolutely adore the handpainted signs that dot both urban and rural India; there's something so refreshing about the small, personal flourishes that make the advertisements somehow less intrusive, yet still inviting.

I've started a Flickr pool with pictures of some of the signs I've seen (though not all; sometimes I forget to add images to my set), but the examples I found in Mumbai were so excellent I thought it would be worthwhile to post them here.

It's not many a city that features public art of an elephant god, a woman bedecked in her finest sari, a bouquet of tulips, and a pair of kissing pigs.

1 comment:

Amit Kulkarni said...

I must say that is so Kitschy ... and nice too ... good observation and nice that you clicked those

hope to see more soon