Friday, December 16, 2005

Liquid courage

Oh, sweet lord.

See, in college, I had this problem with drinking. As in: It was the only thing that could get me through classes. I had to drink a few shots of vodka to stay focused in classes.

I moved back to India because when I was here the first time, I was much less dependent upon the evil spirits.

And since I took up residence here, I've been remarkably good. In my six months in Kottayam, I drank twice (once at the infamous "goodbye Mike and Jessa" booze party, and once with Ujjal after a long day of picture taking); and though I enjoy a drink to unwind in the evenings, I've thus far been really good and probably have only gotten drunk a few times in Delhi.

But tonight? Listening to Yahoo! Radio and having rum and diet Pepsi. If I move back to the states, they better import Old Monk and Sikkim rum.

On the other hand, I am terrified that I have the same taste in drink as my (birth) father.

I started out clean but I'm jaded.

(This message has been brought to you in part by Old Monk XXX Rum.)


Anonymous said...

I'm an Indian in US and badly missing the Old Monk.

Chandu said...

I'm an Indian in India who's sure to be in critical condition if I consume alcohol!

nandu said...

I had a friend who so proudly said his only friend was Old Monk. last heard, the Old Monk is boozing his way around India.