Tuesday, December 6, 2005


As you all can see, I spoke (blogged?) too soon in my last entry.

Because as soon as I posted it, my internet stopped working (possibly due to the untimely intervention of S's brother and some Warez, but my inkling is yet to be proved, so...c'est la vie). Anyhow, there have been lots of things I want to talk about.

For example:
-- At least two Nigerians operating e-mail fraud out of India have been caught in the last week or so -- BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO GAVE THEM UPWARDS OF RS 10 LAKH ($20,000) COMPLAINED THAT THEY WERE BEGINNING TO SUSPECT IT WAS A SCAM AFTER NOTHING HAPPENED WHEN THEY GAVE THE COMPLETE STRANGER THEIR CASH. Buh-jeezus.
-- Toilet paper in India -- a great piece in Hindustan Times today.
-- Examples of good journalism in India, which are few and far between, and which this week included a profile on a pimped-out rickshaw-wallah who doesn't screw his passengers as well as a profile of a street hawker whose wife was getting an engineering degree
-- My awesome new job
-- My flat and my kittens, which I can soon show you. But not now, I'm too lazy.

Anyway, I'm here. And I'll be less sucky soon.


nandu said...

This is the kind of copy we get everyday. And guess what yo have around 20 minutes to edit, or atleast make it readable. An average sub edits about 25 such copies a day before making three or four pages. We someone has to decide: Quantity or Quality?

Jammu, December 10:
HER LUST to keep alleged extra-marital affairs finally became the cause of her brutal murder.
At the initial stage, the Rural Wing of Jammu police started the investigation on a theory that if the lady died because of falling from a hill top but later, during the course of investigation, the police detected that it was a murder case and also arrested the accused.
Middle aged Neelima Devi wife of Dewan Chand was living in village Kathaar falling under the jurisdiction of police station Akhnoor, 30 kms from here. Even after having married to Dewan Chand, Neelima got engaged with one Des Raj alias Desu of the same village.
However, one day, Pawan Kumar-a distant nephew of Neelima- saw both of them. To ensure that Pawan does not tell the family members about the affair, Neelima proposed Kumar as well and entered into another extra-marital affair.
“The things went ‘smoothly’ for few months but one day Pawan went to Neelima and cautioned Neelima not to continue her relation with Desu,” informed SHO Akhnoor Police Station, Sub Inspector Bharat Sharma who investigated and finally solved the case.
Speaking to Hindustan Times Sharma informed that “on November 29, Kumar after observing that Neelima did not stop meeting Desu, took her to an abandon place in the village and beat her mercilessly before pushing her to a deep gorge.”
“Surprisingly, when the body was recovered, there were no fatal injury marks on the body that could help the investigation to see the murder aspect as well. It was being assumed that she might have fell from the hilltop. But, later when some suspects and villagers were questioned, a lead was developed that Neelima was having illicit relation with Desu,” informed SI Bharat Sharma further adding that “Subsequently, Desu was summoned and put under sustained interrogation that disclosed that he was not just the one but Kumar too had developed illicit relations with the deceased.”
“Sensing trouble,” SHO Akhnoor police station said, “Kumar went underground that further put the needle of suspicion on Kumar, who was later caught after conducting numerous raids at suspected hideouts. Kumar who confessed the crime and narrated how he murdered Neelima, is presently behind the bars under section 302 RPC.”

nandu said...

sorry about the keyboard.

shiavni said...

PLease please could you tell me when you read that article in HT about the street hawker whose wife is studying to be an engineer. I'm researching weekly bazaars and street hawkers. HELLLLLP!!

shiavni said...

HI please tell me what date you read the article about the street hawker whose wife is studing engineering, I'd be eternally grateful coz i'm researching weekly bazaars and street hawkers.