Thursday, March 15, 2007

Case studies from adventures in social networking

For reasons unknown (even to myself), I have a MySpace account. Usually I forget about it, but occasionally, I see fit to log in and check out what the aam admi is saying.

Recently received messages:

Nameless schlub 1
Subject: Liking
Message: I like you
(Accompanied by a friend request)

Nameless schlub 2
Subject: hi
Message: u look cute....can u sspeak hindi? r u in india?
(Accompanied by a picture of Scott Foley and a friend request)

Nameless schlub 3
Subject: note
Message: I'm thinking of coming to India sometime in the near future. Do you have any Indian friends that look like you? I just want an Indian girl that looks like you!!!! That way I don't have to have brown babies. haha
(Accompanied by semi-pornographic images)

Another excellent hub of social networking shenanigans is Orkut (which is quite popular in the subconty and was recently in the news for potentially offering the Mumbai police access to information about people who have started an "India hate" group).

Nameless schlub 4
Scrap: hi i am from delhi north side can we friend
(Accompanied by picture of man lifting shirt and rubbing six pack)

Nameless schlub 5

Scrap: hi
myself working as senior research officer in reputed hospital in Delhi, well educated, smart, hdsome, gd looking, fun loving, broad minded, respect feelings, easy going, loving and caring. like ur profile very much. like to have honest, trustworthy friendship and enjoyable time with u if u r interested in friendship. if u like my profile then reply on "xxx" directly and also let me know ur separate ID so we can contact directly for quick responses. i am transparent in my friendship . whatever u want to know more about me, i will glad to reply u and we will become good friends then see where the things go. rest is on u now.
(Thankfully, not accompanied by any further evidence of his academic accomplishments)

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ggop said...

This thing never ceases to amuse me.