Thursday, March 15, 2007

Innocent until proven guilty, but still probably an asshole

This week, Indian celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon was arrested and charged with six felonies, including rape and lewd acts on a child.

Now, I'm not jumping to conclusions, and in America, it's innocent until proven guilty (unlike what is sometimes rougher justice here -- as when alleged killer/rapist/cannibal [?!] Mohinder Singh Pandher had the shit kicked out of him when he exited a court earlier this year). But I feel pretty secure calling foul on this statement by Jon's defense attorney, Ronald Richards:

When you have people desperate to be in fashion, they get upset when you don't place them where they want to be. When you deal with a large number of women, you're going to have potential false allegations made against you.

Way to take the high road. A pure class act. Because you know that every young girl is dying to be known as having been sexually abused, or to have her name associated with rape and lewdness the world over.


Ronald Richards said...

Obviously, you are not a practicing criminal defense attorney. Any woman who flies 1500 miles, takes off her clothes, puts on her PJ's, then spends the night in someone's room, with two woman next door, then cries rape the next evening has a suspect claim.

Anonymous said...

He had his flings in India. He left his trail of used girls. And he is still an ass****. Hope they kick it to him!

Ramar said...

Ronald is wrong. Mentally promising and intimidating a person for favours is not right! It is tantamount to rape through mental intimidation. Did you understand the law properly?
Mental torture is considered worse than physical torture in all countries law books.
Just for a sample, is it right that I can punch you in your face, if I fed you, clothed you and paid all your hospitalization charges ?
Get your facts right Richard!

The Depressed Doormat said...

I think its innocent even after proven guilty in india... sadly we love giving blind justice new meanings.