Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Sometimes I want a grande caramel macchiato with skim milk so bad I'd cut my left arm off for its treacly goodness, but unfortunately for me, Starbucks won't be setting up in the subconty until well after I return to the homeland. Cafe Coffee Day and Barista are passable imitations, but it'll always be those calorie-packed Frappucinos and eerily ubiquitous half-naked mermaids that warm MY cockles.

Still, I may be in luck -- if Shahnaz Hussain's latest wacky venture looks to play on something more than the Starbucks brand name. Yes, the hoary beauty buff has announced she's starting a chain of 25 cafes called "Starstrucks," and the folks in Seattle are none too happy about her decision. Hussain's rebuff is that everybody pulls this crap (a fair statement in a land that also boasts a "Starbeans"), and she holds that her chain will feature movie posters and other utterly fabulous/glamorous items.

Politics, lawsuits, and other shenanigans aside, if Starstrucks can manage to whip up, oh, I don't know, a gold-encrusted mug of melted Sugar Daddies, there will be no objections from this party.


jd said...

We have Starbucks all over the place in Beijing. As a long-time resident of Seattle, Starbucks was generally my coffee of last resort - I would always take a small chain or independent shop over the big boys, but for better coffee and a less corporate atmosphere. But I must give it to SB, they are pretty consistent. While I rarely have great coffee there, it's never BAD either, and sometimes it's all you can find. Like in Moses Lake, Washington.

In China, the independent coffee I've had has not been so good, so SB it is when I need a fix.

ggop said...

Starbucks is also the coffee of last resort for people addicted to really strong coffee (they prefer Peet's)

Try Caffe Del Doge if you ever are in Palo Alto, CA.