Tuesday, November 29, 2005


God, I feel like shit in a handbasket.

I have a cold and all I want to do is sleep. The kittens, though, want to jump on my head and gnaw on my toes, which look suspiciously like chicken sausages.

As for questions of poverty and wealth, of equal distribution...if my maid, for instance, asked me if she could have some nice soap or new shampoo, I would be more than happy to oblige. I just don't want her using mine, without my permission, in my bathroom, while she is supposed to be working. My quibble with her is less about some grand socialist ideal than about the drawing of boundaries between employee and employer, which have thus been completely obliterated.

I totally can't breathe through my left nostril. Is it pollution? The two cigarettes I smoked on Saturday night? An opportunistic infection? Damn you, microbes, damn you. If you aren't gone by Thursday...well...umm....I'll go to my first day of a new job completely ill. Hopefully I won't vomit in a dustbin, as I did when ill on the first day of seventh grade. It's not a great first impression.

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