Friday, November 11, 2005


Hell yeah, who doesn't love Sudoku? It's that great logic numbery game (see illustration at left).

I know I've quickly become addicted, but there are only so many puzzles printed each day (right now, I get three between The Hindu and The New Indian Express).

Thus, let us all applaud WEB SUDOKU! Use the keyboard, make pencil marks, and see how your solving time compares to others. Awesome, awesome, awesome.


Reviewer said...

Well, another nice place to play sudoku is at They have different levels of the game, they are done in Flash, and you can store an unfinished game until later. Very nice, and a lot of fun with a new set of games each day.

RobertN said...

If you like, I think you'll really like Fiendish Sudoku. It has multiple grid sizes, which is nice if you have a high-res display. Plus, unlike websudoku, it can provide hints and step-by-step solutions. Plus Undo, keyboard interface, hand-made puzzle designs, and lots of printing options. Worth a look!

- RobertN