Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A thin coat of grime

Ah, moving. No one's favourite occupation. A miserable, stinking, transitional period that makes even the most spirited man's shoulders sink in exasperation.

I've officially begun the move-in process; as I sit typing at a Def Col cyber cafe, Sumeet's cook is cleaning our flat. The rooms have been deserted for, I would imagine, about a month, and ceaseless dust has settled in every corner. We equipped Ajay with dust rags, brooms, buckets and the like. I tried to stay with him, show solidarity, but was forced to retreat after a sneezing fit weighed heavily on my soul.

My sense of direction is characteristically awful, and I have no clue how I made it from C Block to the Def Col market; I will have to take a rickshaw home lest I become lost. The neighborhood is quiet, serene. There are few stray dogs hounding about and few children in the streets. I think I might like it here.

This morning, we bought mattresses and pillows, which hopefully will be delivered tonight. The traffic around Moolchand -- where an underpass is being constructed -- is horrible, and the drivers of Delhi idiots. But despite the chaos of the streets, I now have a haven -- an island of sanity in the teeming, unrelenting confusion of Delhi.


Chandu said...

Finally, a house!
But u haven't given the promised detailed account of your house-hunting.

SeoulHippieChick said...

Actually, I will be in Delhi for a few days before we head off to a different part of India. I'll arrive sometime on December 2, and my tour leaves Delhi sometime on December 5. My email is I would LOVE some help seeing the city.