Monday, November 7, 2005

Cheese, please?

I have a mild obsession with cheese. This could stem from growing up near the Tillamook Cheese Factory, to which my family made a yearly pilgrimmage. And, though I dearly love India, I have to say that the cheese is just not cutting it.

Take, for example, this blurb in the Nov 7 issue of Outlook:
Mixed Cheese
In its latest consumer goods ratings, The Ahmedabad-based CERC Insight magazine has named Amul cheese as the best in price, quality and protein and calcium content. Britannia tops in pizza cheese and Verka in blocks. What's worrisome though is that all products were uniformly found to have three to four times the acceptable (global) norms of sodium content -- more than declared on the packs. For adults, it's definitely not a time to say cheese.

Now, it might just be me, but Amul cheese is hot buttered ass. Not tasty. Not even close to tasty.

I'm not advocating that all Indians should buy imported cheese -- like the delectable goudas and havartis and cheddars and smoked something-or-others you can buy in more luxe markets of the cities. But...maybe cheese isn't just India's thing. Paneer is good. Stick to paneer. Don't try and pass off some canned white pasty stuff...or plasticky, individually wrapped the real McCoy.


BangaloreGuy said...
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BangaloreGuy said...

sauntered in through desi-pundit.
found the tag-line hilarious, especially the post office part!