Monday, March 13, 2006

I <3 NY

I guess I should post some pictures of sights from my last month. None of them are spectacular.

I will say, though, that it's interesting: Delhi, to me, is absolutely horizontal, an x-axis. New York, on the other hand, is all y-axis. Straight up and down. Every picture I took was of a building. In India, I want to take pictures of people, the way they interact with the environment. New York felt...I'm not sure. I was a bit anomic, perhaps, and the steel and concrete certainly didn't encourage me to reach out to anyone.

Cities certainly have personalities. And, in classic business speak, there are benefits and there are challenges, drawbacks and opportunities (If you only knew how many times a day I read these words!!!) , to both Delhi and New York. My next step is weighing the priorities and streamlining or optimizing my life for maximum benefit with minimum fallout.

Where will I be a year from now? I have no clue. That's part of being young, I suppose. Here's to having the opportunity to explore fabulous metropoli, places I never imagined I would see. And here's to not just visiting these cities, but living in them, making them a part of myself.

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Cory said...

It is interesting how every city gives you a different "feel". I don't know what it is...but that's why San Francisco will always be in the top three for me. I love that city...Hong Kong and maybe London close seconds. Of course, I've never been anywhere in S. America. So much to see.