Sunday, March 12, 2006

More ads! Rock!

Processed Food Mein Hai Kuchh Khaas

5 reasons why processed food makes good sense:
  • It complements today's fast lifestyle
  • Comes pre-cooked, saves a lot of time and hassle
  • It's hygienically processed and packaged
  • Offers variety to suit everybody's tase and needs
  • Any food, any time, anywhere
"What's more, with quality guarantee in every pack, you can be sure of it's goodness."
Issued in public interest by: Ministry of Food Processing Industries

Processed Food Really Good!

Interesting. Total backlash against "processed" (though I'm unsure whether the same legal/operational definition is in use here) food in the U.S., government pushing for adoption in India. Hrm.

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