Friday, March 10, 2006

Roe v. Wade -- for men...

Yeah, I don't understand the allusion that everyone is trying to force, but this fatherhood lawsuit bugs the hell out of me. (Related: National Center for Men, which has unleashed the PR beast on this baby.)

Long story short, in the words of CNN:

Ifa pregnant woman can choose among abortion, adoption or raising a child, a man involved in an unintended pregnancy should have the choice of declining the financial responsibilities of fatherhood. The activists involved hope to spark discussion even if they lose.

I love freedom of speech, mostly because it affords me the opportunity to mock these folks. I am strongly, strongly in favor of PEOPLE -- not just men, not just women -- taking responsibility for their actions. Which, in this case for me (not legally, just on a common-sense level), is what it boils down to.

If you didn't want to have a child, perhaps you should have exercised your choice to employ a method of birth control, Mr. Matt Dubay of Saginaw, Michigan. (CNN explains, He contends that the woman knew he didn't want to have a child with her and assured him repeatedly that -- because of a physical condition -- she could not get pregnant.)

Aww, Mr. Dubay, it's really sweet that you're so trusting, but jesus. You hit that shit raw dog and now you have to take care of what could be considered a natural consequence. I don't care what the woman said -- that her uterus had been removed by aliens, that she's had unprotected sex a million times without getting knocked up -- if you're really this upset about having to take responsibility for a life, be proactive and wear a condom. Just to cover your bases.

I don't want to get all family rights, conservative middle America here, but...what about this poor girl? You're shitting over paying $500 a month, a line item that has essentially become your only obligation to the life you created. You're not spending any time with the child, you're not giving her the opportunity to understand that side of her life -- rather, you're placing a dollar amount on her head, saying you wished she never "happened," and pushing your story onto the front page of every major metropolitan paper in the country.

Bottom line? Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off.


Anonymous said...

I agree that the guy's an asshole trying to weasel his way out of responsibility, but what do you think of the pro-life people who say, to pregnant women, "If you didn't want to have a child, perhaps you should have exercised your choice to employ a method of birth control"?

Never Just An Ordinary Girl said...

Now, this is a valid complication. I do think that perhaps this raises questions that people otherwise wouldn't consider, and I'm all for people talking.

At the same time...I stand by my opinion. Sometimes things happen in life, one decision and everything changes. I don't know how to untangle these strings, and I'm sure there are much more cogent critiques on the Internets somewhere, so I'm not going to mount a defense. The argument I've heard most is "women get pregnant just to get the child support! We have no way to fight back!" Perhaps I'm too optimistic about humanity. But I really know, this is the wrong way to go about things.

Gah. Sorry, typing without thinking. That's that.

Anonymous said...

The argument I've heard most from women, especially pro-choice women, and honestly one I haven't heard a cogent response for, is that the one with the uterus gets the choice. It's sort of a simplistic response, but they do have a point. The greater burden and risk falls on the woman.

Cory said...

I realize not all birth control are 100% effective but pleeeeeeeeese, if the man truly doesn't EVER want that responsibility than go get the "snip" job.