Sunday, March 26, 2006

Outsourcing Big Pharma

Interested article in Wired, "A Nation of Guinea Pigs." Though the title strikes me as a bit...insensitive? contains a lot of interesting information.

While Jennifer Kahn, the author, does focus on a growing trend in the medical community -- the use of India as a base for later-phase clinical trials that require large numbers of participants -- she also alludes to a number of other issues. Namely, she takes on bribery/corruption, colonialism (or neocolonialism? God only knows), the ethics of testing in developing nations, politics, and the gray area for some doctors caught between increasingly professional duties to serve and bottom-line incentives.

Definitely worth a read.

(Via Arts & Letters Daily, one of my fave sites)

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Razib Ahmed said...

This is one area INdia should be careful about. Not every kind of outsourcing is good. Outsourcing of software and hardware and IT enabled service is good but unethical clinical testing practices can bring some cash in the short term but can cause many problems in the long run.
Since Indian students are only

going towards studying science and engineering these days
, there will be no
shortage of skilled manpower in the pharmaceutical sector.