Sunday, March 5, 2006

Oh what a night

It's pretty surreal to be hit on by the spitting image of the late Jerry Orbach, Law and Order's Lenny Briscoe.

He was at least 65, and he sidled up to C and I at a dive bar in the East Village. He commented upon C's height, stared at our two sets of breasts, then offered to buy us drinks.

AND he was the third man over 60 who hit on me yesterday -- two of whom made their move at the company's Oscar-themed happy hour. Needless to say, I didn't want what they were selling.

Other highlights? A portly man stealing about 30 pigs in blankets from the Oscar party; a very harsh cafeteria worker with a fancy hairdo; an apartment full of taxidermied animals, including a small white dog donning sunglasses; and mid-level stalkery of cute European consultants, one of whom combatted the bubonic plague in Tanzania.

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