Thursday, July 26, 2007

The displaced subconty celebrates in style

This weekend? Midsummer Masala, Six Flags Great Adventure. Rock to the sounds of RUDE (Rutgers University Dhol Effect, totally in the running for Z's inaugural most awesome acronym award), eat Udupi dosas, slurp up Kwality ice cream, and then try not to puke when you plunge 155 feet on the Great American Scream Machine.

Yeah, it sounds corny as all get out, but it would be an interesting place for sociological observation. It's authentic India as interpreted by what is presumably a bunch of Americans of Indian heritage, presented as a galvanizing community event at a ridiculously overpriced, plastic family-fun factory. There's a lot to unpack there.


LeftyProf said...

I find that first-gen types like me find it somewhat difficult to mingle with the hipper second-gen folks at events like this. I'd love to go, but have no one to go with... :(

Any takers?!

Zoey said...

I have half a mind to go, but the thought of spending the money to go to Six Flags puts me off too much. It could get to be quite the spendy outing!

LeftyProf said...

We can pack some idlis in a tiffin box and take it along, no?!!