Thursday, July 19, 2007

Salivating in anticipation

I love burritos, I love crepes, I love manicotti, so it's no surprise that I love another log-shaped delight, this one South Asian: puttu, a cylinder of steamed, compressed rice sprinkled with flakes of coconut and usually served alongside kadala, a spicy chickpea stew.

I've only had the dish in Kerala, but apparently, it's popular in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka -- or so holds The Village Voice, which tipped me off to a must-visit venue: Bownies, 143-05 45th Ave., in Flushing, Queens; they note, "Sri Lankan food in Queens at this luncheonette, serving the broding, spice-laced 'black curries' (pick lamb); mellow, coconut-laced fish curries (pick kingfish); and breads like appams (weekends only) and outsize rotis that make Ceylonese cooking delightfully unique."
... I think I know where I'm headed this weekend. Smell ya later, Colombian bakeries of Sunnyside! I need a little spice in my life!


Anonymous said...

From whatever I know, it is a Kerala delicacy, can be had with a variety of sides like - u said Kadala (which is the most popular), Pazham (Banana), Pazham and Pappadom (Banana and Pappad), Puttu and Payar (Payar means pulse - made in similar fashion to Kadala) and my favourite Puttu , Pazham (Banana) and Panchasara (Sugar)...hmmm yummy...I don't know of any other dish that can be had with so many side dishes and each would give a unique taste and each of those unique tastes are uniquely popular..

I have also seen the Christian population of Kerala having it along with Meen Curry (Fish Curry) too..So there you go..


Zoey said...

Excellent addition! I think I'll do a little Internet searching for recipes; I've seen a few good Kerala food blogs, from which I could perhaps request more information. Mmmmm. Delicious. Delicious!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add..There was a time in Kerala when Englishising everything was a fashion..the in thing..

So in this fashionable huge (laced with chalk piece colours) black Menu card (board, rather) of yours, displayed outside restaurants to make you 'salivate in anticipation'what would you call 'puttu' couldn't possibly call it the same..that would be degrading to the englishising they decided to name it...


i am damn serious!!!