Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So what if there are human bones in his medicine?

... he IS wooing New York, you know.

That's right, at his camp in the U.S., Swami Ramdev attracted more than 1,000 guests.

I'm just saying ... I went to look at an apartment the other day, and I mentioned that I had lived in India for two years, and my potential landlord was all, "Oh! India! I have a friend who's spent time there, and he has a number of gurus. And we talk about it a lot, but I can't pick which guru is right for me."
You know, if you can't figure out which guru you want to follow, perhaps you shouldn't follow one at all.

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Anonymous said...

There were no human bones in his medicines.

That was a big fat lie, concocted by his enemies, Ms. Brinda Karat, of the Communist Party of India, to try and discredit Swami Ramdev.

Ramdev is allright ! He is A-OK.