Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Pleased to read in several newspapers today that, "Now, mother's name must in all official documents".

Or so says the Indian Express, Hindu, and Hindustan Times. From page 3 of IE's Delhi Newsline:

"All official documents and certificates to be issued by the Delhi government will carry the beholder's mother's name also from now onwards. The decision was taken by the Delhi Cabinet as part of the approval of women empowerment programmes...The documents include voter cards, driving licences, ... [and] birth certificates."

Having filled out my fair share of documents issued by the Indian bureaucracy, I say bravo. Because I haven't spoken to or seen my father in nine years now, and because he poisoned my mind, and because your documents give me no other options. No field to write in caveats, for example, to explain how my stepfather is really the person who has always been there for me, how my mother has stood by me no matter how low I've sunk.

It's a step. It's not "empowerment" -- but then, what is?

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