Saturday, May 13, 2006

The world's oldest profession

Prostitution, which is legal in Jammu and Kashmir (but not in any other Indian state), is about to be abolished, according to a front page story from the Indian Express.

All very interesting, yes, but the best part? The paper's citation of the legal definition of a prostitute (the law was enacted in 1921): "The rules define a public prostitute as 'a woman who earns her livelihood by offering her person to lewdness for hire.'"


Also -- and a private prostitute is...a woman?

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Dangling Pointer said...

well, thats a breaking news for me! prostitution legal in Kashmir, and not anywhere else in india?
i have never been to india, but my perception was that india would be more "liberal" as some people say!! i mean its good that its banned in whole of india, but didnt expect it!!