Sunday, August 20, 2006

Double the pleasure, double the fun?

Lewd, I know.

I think this TOI story about a guy with two weiners is definitely fake -- no other news agency has been able to track the story (though Reuters just released a story that basically rewrites the TOI report), and one would think that the novelty would certainly merit attention.

Nonetheless? Intriguing. Apparently there's no medical documentation of such a phenomenon yet; although it's not unheard of for a man to be born with two organs, one is generally the "master" organ, the other one non-functional. Abantika Ghosh reports, "Sanjay, 24, has lived with the condition since birth, concealing his shame from all. But now, the young man is contemplating matrimony and wants one of the organs removed."

Best of luck, young Sanjay -- and if anyone has pictorial proof? You KNOW I want to see it.


Jace said...

I recall seeing a video clip once of a guy in South America with two penises. Both worked. For evidence, they had him pee against a wall and showed two trails.

Anonymous said...

"You KNOW I want to see it"

hmmm... I think you need a date!!