Saturday, August 12, 2006

Moment of zen (and stomach cramps)

Yeah, I'm totally sick, which sucks. I took a four-hour nap and still woke up sweating and crampy and clammy, wishing that S were here rather than in Chandigarh. Sigh.

But all is not lost -- the Indian Independence Day special issues are out for all the big news magazines, which means a lot of irrelevant crap, product hawking, and, in one shining example, commentary by Donatella Versace. I salute you, journalists, I salute you.

Undoubtedly the best excerpt is from a series of questions Outlook magazine posed to various luminaries. I present, "I'm Afraid of America."

Outlook: Who among world personalities is your Number One Hate Figures? (also, copy desk -- nice use of capitalization)

Rohit Bal, fashion designer: George W. Bush. He's an out-of-control megalomaniac. Even Americans hate him. Look at what's happening in West Asia, it's outrageous. He has just lost it.

Fleur Xavier, model: I dislike (hate is a strong word for me) the current President of the United States. He is not a thinking person -- he is a puppet in the hands of industrialists and other bigwigs who are supporting him, and he seems to have lost his conscience. The world is leaning towards greed, money, power and ego, and missing out on morality, kindness, humanity and living in harmony with the environment -- all of which are needed for the world to continue.

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