Monday, August 7, 2006

The "next" big thing?

Interesting -- Hindustan Times has launched what they claim is "India's first youth newspaper." I was a bit surprised to see this ad today, as usually these media properties are debuted with fanfare, but perhaps this rag is still in the pilot phase.

The corporate HT Group Web site PRs:

HT NEXT has everything that the youth ever wanted in a newspaper: sports news (great stories for English Premier League and Formula 1 nuts), nuggets on celebs (yes, even more colourful than Laloo Yadav), world news - in other words, Your world (which, incidentally, is Our version of the world too).

There is even a political digest for those who want to go beyond the simpler, lighter matter, and seek to know which way the world is moving.

Check out the daily double-spread on science and tech in the section, 'Life, The Universe and Everything.' For the youth of India, this is Where It's At.

Yeah, sic, sic, sic for all that wonky capitalization, etc. It's an interesting concept, but I'm wondering whether the Indian media market is mature enough for a youth tabloid; recent micromarket targeting -- e.g., Delhi City Limits, which began as a biweekly magazine but has since become a mere marketing complement to Outlook -- have been less than successful. On the cutting edge? Or too far ahead of the curve?

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