Wednesday, August 23, 2006


It seems my kittens are dead set on keeping me on a posting sabbatical -- I wrote a nice line post, only to have the tiny toodles knock the router off the desk, requiring me to restart my computer (I'll spare you the lengthy explanation of the crapitude of my system).

Anyhow, long story short: busy. In addition to work, also cataloging four years' worth of LiveJournal; K pointed me toward a LJ book maker, but the PDF ended up being 962 pages long, and even I couldn't justify printing it at work. So now I'm experimenting with creating Word-like docs for each month (from 2002-06) on Writely, Google's spit-polished Web-based word processing system. Gotta say -- I'm enjoying it thus far.

When I'm in a less foul mood, I'll be witty and happy and etc. But for right now, it's a bad India week for T. Don't get in my way.

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