Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Behind the scenes

So, along with visiting relatives and attending a farewell party in Patiala this weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of catching a Punjabi music video in the making at Qila Mubarak.

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but in case you're keeping score:
  • Cheesy leading man and woman -- check
  • Awkward, spastic dancing -- check
  • Gaggle of backup dancers who should be in sync, but are instead all vying for the spotlight -- check
  • Shiny black pants -- check
  • Pancake makeup five shades lighter than skin -- check
  • Pink-striped Oxford shirts unexpectedly knotted at the waist, a la Britney Spears circa "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)" -- check
  • Crotch grabbing -- check
  • Inexplicable crowd of onlookers, including on-duty policement -- check

1 comment:

Venitha said...

LOL - love those striped shirts. Only in India.