Thursday, September 14, 2006

The end of Rockstar: Supernova...

... and the beginning of the reclaiming of my life.

(Don't worry, The OC: Season II: I still have an unhealthy obsession with your implausible scenarios.)

That's right; though I have been generally pathetic and unsocial and introverted for the past 10 or so monthly, largely attributable to having begun a new job that I really enjoy, I am inching toward being interesting again.

It started with Jaipur three weeks ago; then Chandigarh and a Punjabi village this past weekend. Saturday I'm heading to Patiala with the future hubs. S's parents leave for the U.S. the last weekend of September, and we inherit their car -- score, weekend trips (although, sad, parents gone). October 6-20 is Thailand/Cambodia. End of October is the return of the boss(wo)man. November, it appears that my mums and pops will, after my more than three year affair with the subconty, make an appearance in Delhi. Various weddings will transpire during these months, and I will most certainly adorn myself in much gaudy jewellery. Then, with any luck, I will take my leave of Mata Bharat once again at the fag end of 2006 or the incandescent first days of the new year.

What will become of this blog? Well, it will probably go out of commission, because without the fabulous backdrop to my existence, I'd be a bit of a bore (only entertaining headlines and unfortunate incidences have allowed me to distance myself from drudge-filled days of sweat and toil). But until then...come what may!

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Cory said...

Congrats!!! And have a wonderful wedding!