Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Staying faithful

I totally heart Regina Spektor, this great singer/songwriter with a penchant for peculiarities (perhaps my favorite song of hers is about reading by the light of a pickle jar). She just posted a video
for a song from her new album on MySpace, and in addition to the song being completely awesome, the video is delightful -- and even features people playing Holi.

If you're not Indian and/or have never been to the subconty, you might not know about Holi, a raucous festival of color in March centered around mischief, water balloon fights, and clandestine groping while one rubs green, yellow, pink, and orange powders on friends and loved ones (and, if you're lucky, bhang lassis, essentially pot milkshakes). Spektor's video isn't a perfect depiction of the event, but I suppose if one hid out in his or her apartment for the duration of the holiday -- as many are apt to do -- a private fight might look something like this.

Whenever I see things like this, I wonder if it's a conscious tribute to Indian culture, or just a cool visual someone happened upon. Either way, pretty damn cool.

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