Sunday, September 3, 2006

Sunday selects

Really liked this story in The Hindu Sunday magazine section on an anganwadi worker who was raped and how her family was dealing with the fallout.

One of the first things my fellow Americans ask me when I tell them I'm engaged to an Indian is, "So, do they want a dowry?" Hey, if I hadn't spent so much time in India, I probably would too. It's an easy joke. If people have more than a basic knowledge of the subconty, they also tend to crack jokes about evil mothers-in-law and their propensity to have accidents with kerosene stoves and their daughters-in-laws' dupattas.

So I really enjoyed reading something in the popular press that highlighted the support one mother-in-law offered her daughter. I enjoyed seeing a strong Indian woman who wasn't on a crusade, who wasn't concocting events to get her face in the papers, but instead living her life and trying to change the circumstances which immediately affected it. (Granted, I have the utmost regard for scions like Medha Patkar and Arundhati Roy, but at some point, it becomes a cult of personality rather than a question of issues.)

Anyhow, read, enjoy, and have a great Sunday!


Mr. Dubious said...

"So, do they want a dowry?" "they also tend to crack jokes about evil mothers-in-law and their propensity to have accidents with kerosene stoves and their daughters-in-laws' dupattas"

Thats a damn ignorant stereotype to make on anyone. Its quite interesting that, you make the evil mother-in-law example here. Not very long ago, I was reading an american (pseudo)feminist's travelogue in India. She called me a sexist who justifies dowry system for quoting the above example, that in most cases dowry system is a crime perpetrated by woman on woman! I am afraid, westerners in general want to beleive Indian men oppress woman, period! Any grey areas is sexism!

In addition, to add more twist to this story, 80% of dowry cases filed by women in Indian courts were found to be bogus! The reason is little bit more complicated than conventional wisdom. The woman who do actually suffer are so helpless, financially dependent and poor, that they seldom report the incidents. The ones who have the money and knowledge, actually use this dowry abuse law to escape unhappy arranged weddings. The supreme court of India was so fed up with this, that they are not taking any seriousness towards the genuine cases.

but hey who cares, narcissim is a good dose of opium for the western masses!

Anonymous said...

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