Friday, September 22, 2006

Loss, traffic, endings, and beginnings

This was an enormously frustrating week for me, for a number of reasons, but primarily because I feel like such a negligent kitten mother, my dearest Earl having escaped the pleasant confines of C501 to frolic with the neighborhood hooker cats. I've more or less given up on him at this point, but perhaps Ganesh will smile upon me, and Earl will bound in, beedi clenched in his tiny kitten jaw, like he just got back from a weeklong bachelor party.

To top off the abysmal week, which featured women troubles, news of a coup in my vacation destination, and remonstrations from co-workers who think I am now too thin (after they playfully slapped my admittedly cushioned ass and called me a fatso), the chauffeur of my drop decided to take a completely unnecessary 45-minute detour through flooded roads in Vasant Kunj.

So we're about to reach the juncture at which I am unceremoniously dumped, and we're stuck at a red light, and there's a beggar woman with a tiny child strapped to her hip and the entire situation suddely seems overwhelming, even though it's what I deal with every day with nary a tear. I'm rubbing my eyes, massaging my temples, when the driver turns to me.


"Haan ji?"

"Thank God it's Friday, yes?"

Indeed, sir, indeed.

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