Sunday, January 21, 2007

iPod-free and proud, I guess

So I've been considering buying an iPod, if only because I got a rather fat bonus at the end of the year and I think I deserve a fun toy.

However, as some of you may have seen, according to a new index (somewhat like ye olde burger index), India is the second most expensive place to buy the iPod when accounting for purchasing power parity.

Adjusted for U.S. dollars, the 2GB iPod is most expensive in Brazil -- $327.71; in India, it is $222.27. (In the U.S., the fourth cheapest place to procure the iPod, it runs $149.)

So no iPod for me; I remain decidedly anti-evil. However, I would really, really like some sort of device into which I can dump my spicy and excellent indie hits, primarily downloaded gratis from FreeIndie. Any suggestions for reliable, durable, well-designed, reasonably priced toys in the subconty?

(Image from Anti-iPod)


Anonymous said...

Go eBay. $166 ;)

Anubhav said...

try palika bazar

Anonymous again said...

jd said...

I'm really really fond of my Creative Zen. It does more things than the comparable iPod and isn't tied to any company's music site for restrictions. Plain ol' mp3s for me, thanks.