Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ah, Hinglish...

Oh man, oh man. "Indian Techie Flamewar" -- it's all the rage.

I forgot how to make a link, so just copy and paste and enjoy.

Yeah, it's probably umm, not so culturally sensitive. But it is pretty fucking funny, and it's the kind of stuff I deal with all day long (minus the comments about fucking from behind).

"You are mental sick....I know rishi chadda will not call me and apologize. Just you will shout like a road chaap mad dog.i knows what my status is. But do you know what your status is? You call every person like somendra, Rajneesh request for joining company and after Barks like a dog."

Good English or not, I love the righteous vengeance this person envisions he is exacting with such a seething e-mail.

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