Friday, October 7, 2005

Open dictionary?

I am intrigued by the Open Dictionary recently debuted on the Merriam-Webster website. Somewhat like a wiki (the most famous, I suppose, being Wikipedia), this project allows users to enter and define new words.

Entries thus far seem to fall into four categories: Stupid, unintelligible, superfluous or delightfully clever.

cornerize (verb) : To trap in a corner.
I tried to get away but sissy cornerized me.

dunch (noun) : A meal that is ate around 3 pm that is your dinner
This is my dunch.

Surdusphile (adjective) : An obession and sexual perversion to deaf ways, deaf culture, hearing aids, sign language, deaf accents of voices, and want to become deaf. Surdus is latin for deaf. This can be a healthy obession when it does not involve harming yourself, the cultures, and inviduals.
my ex boyfriend is a surdusphile because he gets way over in his head about my deaf voice and much more.

Frindle (verb) : To create a new word and convince people to use it.
That's not a real word, you are just frindling again! —Andrew Clements- he did not use the word in this way, but told the story of the first Frindler, Frindle, 1996

Biggity Swiss (noun) : totally awesome, basically pretty sweet
your hair is tres biggity swiss —Scattered and Smitten, none, 05/10/2005

(abbreviation) : An abbreviation for the words laugh-out-loud
THat was hilarious. LoL
(other) : abbrevation for Laugh Out Loud
That dumb speech was just lol.

hairdon't (noun) : A really bad hairdo.
She went to the beauty salon and came home with a hairdon't! —me!

X-16 (noun) : AN AIRPLAIE

bangalored (verb) : The process of losing your job because it is outsourced to Bangalore(a city in India), used esp. in United States recently because many jobs were outsourced to Bangalore.
Nick was sad when his job was bangalored. —Young World,The Hindu

qualifiction (noun) : A made-up or exaggerated qualification, usually on a job application or CV.
In hopes of obtaining a position beyond her abilities, she sprinkled her job application with qualifictions.

logonym (noun) : a brand name product's name used to name similar products.
Hand me a kleenex, Put a bandaid on the cut, are examples of logonyms. —Mike Jam, used in his classroom lectures, cira 1995

It's an interesting experiment, I suppose. Part of me wonders whether people are adding these in earnest, or if they're just doing it for giggles (why they would waste the time is beyond me, but...). And, furthermore...if they are doing it for giggles, what happens when these words come into common parlance?


Melanie Alamo said...

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Camphor said...

bloggify is next, perhaps? :D

Interesting site over there, and I defnately want to create a word just to add it there - but I guess I'm a little too braindead...

Jaymee said...

Hey, I am surprised you are posting names and locations of who posted what. Would you kindly remove the names and locations please? Thank you! :)

"Surdusphile" word creator.

Additional message:

The word is very clear to understand. Surdus means "deaf" in latin and "phile" is a common addition to a word that represent sexual feelings or actions toward to a culture, place, people, animals, or things. Just like zoophile, pedophile, etc.

Surdus Source :

Phile Source

PS: I did not do this for giggles. This is not a joke about this word and I have a good reason. Please do not make a joke out of this. Will you either take this down or remove my name or the location for security reasons. Thank you and I really appreciate it.