Wednesday, October 12, 2005

International news comparisons

I find it quite odd that there are days here, in India, when newspapers simply don't publish.

It's a matter of pride for US newspapers to publish every single day of the year, much to the chagrin of newspeople with families -- they well could find themselves working on Christmas or New Year's or any other festive day. Hell, even with Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the Times-Picayune made it a point to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and at least publish an online edition of the paper, though their offices were destroyed.

Which is why I'm so grumpy that a pooja day or something prevents me from reading The Hindu or The New Indian Express. I know, I know, most Americans no longer cherish the traditions behind the holidays, and perhaps Indians do. Perhaps the holidays are more meaningful here, more grounded in some communal experience.

But dammit, I want my Sudoku.

Is that being culturally insensitive?

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