Friday, October 7, 2005

Things that aggravate me, Friday edition

1) Bad spelling
Witness The Hindu's "Friday Review" section, which includes the story, "Friendship matters/Vinayan is canning his latest film 'Boyy friennd,' which has new faces in the lead."
At first I thought, "Typo? Could it be?" But no, the text explains...
The room on the first floor of the Chalakudy Rest House has got a face-lift. There are a few posters of Sania Mirza, George Michael, Steffi Graf and the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez. Thrown in are a few clothes, books, a computer and a couple of beds and the room is transformed into one in a girls hostel.
This will be the hostel room of actors Madhumitha and Honey in Vinayan's forthcoming film, "Boyy friennd," spelt with an additional 'y' and 'n' to make "the title sound more cute".

Ow. That crap makes my head hurt. (Also: Minus five points for the obligatory references to Sania Mirza and "the gorgeous" Jennifer Lopez.)

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