Thursday, January 26, 2006


I find the ads published by the National Egg Co-Operation Committee hilarious, for no real reason. In fact, I find the very existence of a National Egg Co-Operation Committee delightful, quirky, and winning.

When I was working at TN, I had to cobble together a weekly advertorial for the egg lobby -- a one-column piece on the health benefits of eggs, or on interesting and innovative uses for eggs, or containing recipes based on eggs. It was hell on earth -- Anda ka funda my ass.

Still, whenever I see one of these sunny yellow pieces, I grin. Did you know....Only Mother's Milk Protein is Better Than Egg Protein? That Childhood Just Wouldn't Be the Same Without Eggs?

They're also quite effective for expressing indignation (lobbed as grenades at that sullier of Tamil culture, Khushboo), or for exacting revenge on Halloween. But somehow those tips didn't pass muster for the paper...

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