Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So I've now been at my new job for two months. Hard to believe, hard to believe.

Sick -- sore throat and cough, congestion. No fun, and I won't let myself take any days off.

MASCOM convocation is March 25. I want to go so badly. If I fly to Bangalore and catch a bus to Kottayam, I think I can swing the expenditure as well as the time off. But I don't know if it's really possible, something I haven't wanted to admit to myself, because of the visa troubles.

Tomorrow I'm talking to the lawyer again and I should know whether or not I will fly back to the States in April.

I don't want to leave my flat, or my Delhi friends, or any of this. I want to stay here, protected, warm, loved. I am American, and I am attached to the U.S., but there are too many bad memories. Here, I am.


Chandu said...

We surely anticipate your presence in our convocation, Ma'am.
Do come

Rim said...

Torea: It would be awesome if u cud come here for the convocation. Do come.

Chandu said...

Still haven't recieved your address!