Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Sex? In Iraq?

This psychologist's article (posting? rambling?) is interesting in that it talks about the relative dearth of suitable options for (socially acceptable) sexual encounters for men and women serving the US military in Iraq.

I just want to add a bit of my own knowledge (based upon my brother, who served in Iraq twice -- during the initial invasion and ensuing year, and again in 2005):

Some enterprising young men (NONE of whom I would know, no way!) are having their families (again, families with which I would have NO AFFILIATION) send sex toys -- dildos, vibrators, dolls, and the like -- to them in Iraq, which the dedicated troop then sells to his mates. Quite lucrative, I've heard.

Oh, and if your interested, people are talking about this at Metafilter. But none of them seem to, you know, actually know anyone who's ever served in the military...

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