Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sell out with me tonight

<-- This annoys me beyond belief.

Not The Indian Express, per se, which I think does some of the best journalism in India; but the kind of newspaper that will allow an advertisement to completely disrupt its news, to snake through pages and pages and pages of content and distract readers.

I know, I'm a newspaper hippie. Ads are a necessary evil, but I don't think the business end of the industry should cede so much space/disruptive power to advertisers.

IE, Hindustan Times, and Times of India all ran this ONGC ad today. In IE, it snaked across 14 pages. Around stories of the Prime Minister and the Saudi king, around stories of corruption and heroism and triumph and tragedy.

The division between editorial and advertising is not nearly so neat as it is in U.S. media. And it's a damned, damned shame. I want to focus on what's written, not some ad executives expensive lark.

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nandu said...

Ask me what hell we went through to do this plumbing. Making the pages was like a walk through hell. But, heard the ad bought in Rs 3 Crore for each of the papers.