Thursday, January 26, 2006

I believe that's called the Jedi mind trick

So S and I have been cultivating a master plan re: my visa problems.

I've always been one for pragmatism, which is why I pledged (when I was about 10) to marry an illegal alien so he could get a green card of my womanly munificence. Subvert the system, and make someone happy, while playing the martyr: perfect!

I never thought I'd consider working it backwards.

Yes, I may get married to grease the wheels of visa procurement.

S and I have been working to get the blessings of our families. My mom is suitably disappointed (I imagine, though she remains cheerful in her e-mails), but we had to take a different, more circuitous tack with S's family.

For the last few days he's been moaning about how difficult it's been for me to get a visa, how it's been two months of tense negotiations, blah blah blah. The hope? They'll come up with our solution of their own accord, and feel suitably proud of being so open minded and progressive and sensible.

Lo and behold, on the phone today they suggested to S that we just walk the plank, so to speak. Exhibit A, my friends, the Jedi mind trick.

Thank you, thank you very much.

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